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Customer's Guide

We recommend products that meet your company needs with customized consultation for each customer

Order guide

  • - Please fill out the order form based on the contents of the consultation and the quotation, and submit it by FAX or E-mail. After confirm, the person in charge will contact you.
  • - For eyelash extension products, it will be delivered on the same day in the order of order. (But Next-day production and delivery for received case after 4pm)
  • - For OEM product, it may take longer time, so adjust dispatch schedule with the person in charge.
  • - Cosmetics take relatively longer time. Please order after the production schedule with the person in charge.
  • - It is better to order with some reserve time to be delivered on the desired date.

Exchange / Return

  • - If there is something wrong with your purchase, please contact us. So you may exchange or return.
  • - If you want to exchange or return your product, after consulting with person in charge about symptoms of the product, exchange/return will be done.
  • - If you return the product without consultation, it may be take some time to be done.

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