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Consulation Guide

We recommend products that meet your company needs with customized consultation for each customer.

1:1 Consultation

If you have any difficulties in selecting products or inquiries about products such as OEM / ODM, You can use the this board when you need detailed explanation

Estimate request

This bulletin board is prepare for you to make a quotation for customers who have decided to purchase the product. We may contact you individually by e-mail or telephone if necessary, and you can also call us if necessary.

Telephone consultation / E-mail consultation

If you are inconvenient to the homepage bulletin board, please call the contact information listed on the homepage and you can consult through phone. However, during business hours, because of large amount of phone calls it maybe difficult to make smooth phone call. If you are hard to reach us with telephone, please send us your e-mail address and we will respond promptly.

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