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C/S Center+82-32-424-0770

MON-FRI : AM 09:00 ~ PM 18:00 (LUNCH : PM 12:00 ~ PM 13:00)
FAX : +82-32-424-0771
※ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Num Contact Type subject Write Date Status
8 Product details Own Label 2018-12-13 답변완료
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7 Product details Cooperation inquiry 2018-10-05 답변완료
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6 Other inquiries Cooperation inquiry 2018-10-04 답변완료
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5 Product details lash manufacturer 2018-09-26 답변완료
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4 Product details Glue for eyelash extension 2018-08-14 답변완료
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3 Product details Information about private label and pricing 2018-07-26 답변완료
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2 Product details Glue OEM 2018-07-07 답변완료
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1 Product details Question about glue 2017-12-11 답변완료
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