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Eyelash Extension Glue

COS Glue 10ml TB TYPE


글루는 매우 민감한 성분으로 이루어진 제품입니다. 매우 예민하여 보관 방법 및 날씨 기후 습도에 따라 그 특징이 쉽게 변질 될 우려가 있습니다.

따라서, 적절한 사용과 보관방법을 정확히 습득하여 이용해 주십시요.

Expiration date

Expiration date : 5 months before opening / 2 months after opening.
Please expire within 5 months if not opened, 2 months after opening.
But, please note that the characteristics may change depending on humidity and temperature.
The good environmental humidity of glue is 50% ~ 70% RH.

Product Notice

The good environmental humidity of glue is 50% ~ 70% RH.

  1. -Please do not use for other purposes than eyelash extension procedure.
  2. -Be sure to close the cap after opening.
  3. -Please expire within 2 months after opening and disuse after 2 months.
  4. -Store at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight 1 hour before the procedure.
  5. -Procedure carefully the glue not to reach the skin completely.
  6. -Keep away from children.
  7. -If any kind of skin trouble and allergy occurs, see a medical specialist.
  8. -If the glue gets into your eyes, go directly to see a medical specialist.
  9. -During the procedure, the eyes may be temporarily dazzle, but this symptoms will be disappeared completely as the glue is completely dried.